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Pages & Co. Tilly and the Map of stories

"Pages and Co. Tilly and the map of stories" by Anna James is the third book in the "Pages & Co" series. " Tilly and Oscar along with their friends and some new ones (i started squealing when i saw some of them) are racing against time to stop the villains and save the reading… Continue reading Pages & Co. Tilly and the Map of stories

Author's Friday

May Day (blog tour)

I am happy to be part again of the blog tour organized by @writereads ... This tour is all about "May Day" the first book in the "Seekers" series by Josie Jaffrey Trigger warning: Abuse | Sexual Assault (mentioned) | Rape (Mentioned) | Drugged | Mentioned Miscarriage | Gore | Mentioned Suicide. "Jack Valentine who… Continue reading May Day (blog tour)

Binge Tuesday

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Country: ChinaEpisodes: 20Genre: Crime.Staring: Zhang Ruo Yun, Jiao Jun Yan and Li Xian.Trailer: Note: this is season 1, there are so far 3 season and 2 movies, however other than the name, the seasons are not related and can be watched separately.The series is adapted from the novel The Eleventh Finger by Qin Ming. " Qin… Continue reading Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

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Miss Truth

Country: ChinaEpisodes: 36Genre: Historical crime.Staring: Zhou Jie Qiong, Toby Lee and Tim Pie.Trailer: " 18 years old Ran Yan is a prodigal forensic Coroner among her peers, geared with her knowledge and expertise she solves one murder after another, hoping that one day she will investigate her mother's suicide case. Along the way she meets a… Continue reading Miss Truth