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” Beauty knows the Beast’s forest by heart, it runs in her blood and bones, So when her father vanishes into the forest hunting the mythical beast… the only prey that ever evaded him, she leaves in search of him against her sister’s wishes…..
what she finds is a cursed valley, a ruined castle and a beast that’s looking for a hunter….. the magic in air dances for her, it sings for her… it CALLS out to her…..
Can she ends the beast’s curse or will the curse ends her instead?”

I have liked Meagan’s writing ever since i read “Sherwood”, how ever i was a bit distracted when i was listening to this book… the pace was a lot slower and even though there were no word dump it felt long… still it grabbed me enough to make me want to know how it will end.. and boy that ending saved this book from the 3 stars i originally planned to give.
This is a book that i would keep for those days that i just want to get lost in my own head and keep reality away.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Have you read this book? what did you think of it? any other Beauty and the beast retelling that you like?
Let me know your thoughts.

Till next time.

Love Muzi.

6 thoughts on “Hunted

  1. yes the ending really saved the book for me when i wanted to take a break from it…. and truly it’s one of those books that you would pick up cause you love the original story ^^

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